Download not working

The download links on the main site are not working. When I click on them it save a file that is a string of numbers and letters with no file extension.

What OS are you on? Are you downloading the installer or manual?

I am on windows 7 x64. The main button says it auto detects windows and if I hover the mouse over it there is a .exe file listed in the bottom left (url destination) but that is not what is saved. If I click on manual download the same thing happens.

That sounds like some sort of Website Filter. Are you accessing from somewhere that does web filtering / blocking?

Can we see a screenshot of what happens?

Try putting a .zip file extension. This looks very much like the server’s internal file naming system. Might work.

I put a .zip extension on it and I get an error that the file is either an unknown format or damaged.

Could you save it as a .txt file and post it here?
This appears to be something acting as a proxy between you and Github.
If you know how, a Chrome / Firefox network trace would also be useful.

Not sure how to do a network trace with firefox. Today the forum is telling me new users cannot send attachments but I did yesterday.

I renamed the file to .exe and it changed to citra-setup-windows.exe with an icon. Not sure what happened but it is now installed. It does say it cant check for update though.