Download servers down?

Hello, sorry to bother, but I wanted to update my citra and none of the downloads seems to work
Is it my internet or are the citra servers down?

The download links are all visible and working for me. If the Citra servers were down, then no download links would appear.

Probably me then… that’s weird though my internet seems to works fine, but for some reason citra download is at 10kb/s and then drop to 0 and fail…

Builds are hosted on Github so it’s probably the site being slow.

After checking several other websites, I think that’s indeed Github fault
Any alternative mirror or download link? (if not, Citra team should consider adding some)

You can try downloading from appveyor build artifacts:

I feel stupid for asking, but I can’t find the download links on this website ^^"

Oh woops, that was the Travis links, this is what I meant to put:
Then click on the latest build and go to the artifacts

Ah yes this website I know!
And it’s download super fast too, so it was indeed github! thanks a lot! ^^

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sorry for being sooooooooo stupid but in the link that you put up I click on it and it takes me to appveyor and after that I can not find the download link plz help

You click on either mingw or msvc (preferably mingw) and then on artifacts though I’m not sure why you would want to download that way. The recommended method is the installer from Citra’s download page.

ok thanks but I already got it installed thanks for your help