Download "Story Of Season : Trio Of Town update v.1.1 [EUR]" and "New Neighbors Pack [EUR]"

do you know where I can find Update 1.1 of “Story Of Season: Trio Of Town [EUR]” and the DLC" New Neighbors Pack [EUR] "?

I found it in version [USA] except that I needed the version [EUR] because I’m French.

thank you,

In the Nintendo e-Shop of a European 3DS. Getting them from anywhere else is illegal and of course not supported by Citra.
Once you have them you can easily dump them using the following guide

I have a 3ds but it works more, how do I do?

First you need to hack your 3DS, see this guide:

Then after you have downloaded the update from the eShop, dump it using this guide:

The problem is that my 3ds is dead.