Downloadable Content for mhxx on citra

Is it possible now to download dlc on citra for mhxx?

Most Games DLC can be dumped already with GodMode9 (make sure it’s up to date or the dlc won’t work). If MHXX is one of the games that stores it’s downloaded content in-game on a savefile, you’ll have to access it on your 3ds and dump the save data with the unloced content from there, there’s no way to connect online in citra. I know some Monster Hunter titles did this, but don’t know if XX is one of them.

So if I don’t have any 3ds there’s no way i can get those dlc on mhxx with citra?

It’s stored on the save file and this is done in-game on your 3DS. Simply connect to Capcom’s DLC server and download them and then save, afterwards dump the save(which is considered extdata for this title) with for example Checkpoint.

You need a 3DS to also dump the game itself yet you have it somehow? :thinking:

Thanks einstein. Playing dumb really suits you