Dragon Ball Fusions - Any way to get rid of the Black outlines?

When using high resolutions, the black outlines around characters become pixelated and it’s pretty awful.

Using the latest Citra download from the main page. Also the music is a little choppy. It defaulted to Surround Sound, which I have. Should I just turn that off?

************ I found out the solution almost instantly, I set it to auto-size and boom, gone…so much cleaner now. Instead of deleting this, I’m leaving it for any future searchers. Also, if it doesn’t work, minimize and then maximize the window - sometimes i need to do that. Infact, I just found that fixes it entirely, you can use 10 not scaled to window and no more black outlines. A weird error!

Audio issues remain though. Some popping. Damn. I’ve tried nightly and canary, but the audio keeps popping. Any fixes? Turned audio sync on and off. I also can’t get my DualShock 4 controller to work with it. Frustrating. Using Steam DS4 support, works fine with PCSX2 and other emulators, so I know it’s working…

An update was released for Canary tonight and audio appears to be fixed for me. But I still can’t configure my DS4.

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