Dragon Ball Fusions Crash At Opening Video

Hello, Citra Community.

I enjoy Dragon Ball Fusions and decided to give the game a shot on Citra, with the whole increased internal resolution thing.

However, Fusions does not seem to work with the newest versions of Citra (I tried both Canary and Nightly). I can get the game to work on an older version with the title “Citra | HEAD-3eaafb2”, but that version doesn’t have the significant improvements in emulation speed.

The newest version crashes right when the intro splash screens end and the opening video begins. Below is the image of the debug window.

Can you bisect from what version it stopped working?

Looking into it now, gimme a little bit~!

Alright, I figured out which build it breaks on. I’m not so sure on the Canary builds, but the last working nightly was build 149. Nightly-151 is the first build where the game crashes.

Report the issue on GitHub after verifying nobody else posted it already.

Make sure to read everything that appears when you’re creating a new issue.
Also, please state that this is a regression and write down the last working Nightly hash and the one that broke it.