Dragon Ball: Fusions Multiplayer

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if Citra Multiplayer supports Dragon Ball: Fusions.
I checked the open roms and there was only Pokemon, can I host a Dragon Ball: Fusions room?

Thank you for your time.

Don’t know if this game works but you can try. You can host your own room for multiplayer. Please see Networking Support in the FAQ.

I can’t choose Prefered Game, the field is empty.

File -> Select Game Directory so it populates the game list. From there it should appear in the Preferred Game field.

Thank you for your help. I created a room, and others are able to connect to it. However, when I go into the in-game multiplayer feature it says “a transmission error has occured”.

Then I think its the game that doesnt work

Ooh that’s sad, hope it gets supported in the future :slight_smile:

it supports but you nobody is creating server