Dragon Ball Fusions save problem

I played dragon ball fusions for a while on citra and i scouted a lot of characters, got few g rank ones. however i played on version 1. i downloaded version 2.2.0 of dragon ball fusions and my save game wont work on that version (still works on version 1). please help

No idea if this will work but try import your Citra save to your 3DS(version 1), then update the game to 2.2.0 on your 3DS, check if your save still works, if it does then save on the 3DS(version 2.2.0), afterwards export the save and put it back into Citra. Hopefully it should become compatible.

Ok but how to reverse citra save to 3ds compatible save?

It is already, I transfer between mine just fine; I don’t have this game though but for the games I have.

You can simply copy the files to your SD-card and use JKSM. It might help to generate the folders from JKSM first and just overwrite later.