Dragon quest 8 help please

I’m playing on my android samsung galaxy 9 the game runs fine no problems but I’m at the part where I have to take a picture of that Cameron guy and for some reason no matter what I do it just wont accept it and I’ve looked up so many walk through and I’m 100% positive I’m not doing anything wrong but he still wont take it. He just keeps asking me to take the picture. I cant advance in the game until I get that done. Anyone have any ideas please? I wanna play this game so bad but its gotta be a glitch or something

Transfer the save back to your Nintendo 3DS using Checkpoint and do it there then dump the save (use Checkpoint again) and copy the save back to Citra.

If you want, you can upload the save to like Google Drive then link it here so I can check on my end.

How do I upload it to you? I dont have a 3ds that’s why I’ve been using my phone

Ask the one who dumped your purchased copy of DQ8 if you can borrow their 3DS again for this task (transferring the save, do the photo thing in-game, dump the save and transfer it back to Citra). Make sure you have read and understood the rules, especially the first one:

Ah okay my bad thanks I’ll try yhat

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