Dragon quest monsters joker 3 networking support

I wanted to know if the networking support is available on this game. I have searched for clear answers but I can’t seem to find any : is the game’s multiplayer online mode available on citra, and if so, is there a particular way of using it ?
Thank you very much.

I don’t know which multiplayer modes DQMJ3 supports, citra currently only supports local WIFI multiplayer, which works fine for most games, if DQMJ3 supports local WIFI multiplayer then its likely that it will work on citra (not all games work currently).

Thank you for your reply ! DQMJ3 does support local wifi multiplayer, the problem I think is there is no hall dedicated to DQMJ3, which means I have to create a new one but then no one turns in. And I have to create or join a hall to play online multiplayer on citra right ?


Make sure that people are able to join your room, port-forward the UDP port that citra is using (the one that you used when creating a room, default is 24872) on your router/modem, and ask someone to join in to check if they are able to.

I can’t do that right now but I certainly will, it stills seems strange that no dqm3 room exists yet.
Thank you very much for your answers anyway !