Dragon Quest XI S characters not 100% correctly shown

i was trying out DragonQuest XI S on yuzu ,and i noticed that there is some strange coloring on the characters/enemies (See Screenshot),
is this a known problem , or did i miss something in my settings

yuzu_log.txt (430.5 KB)

Does this also happen in OpenGL?

in openGL its even worse ( colors are off everywhere) and the game crashes after a minute or 2

here a screenshot how it looks in OpenGL :sweat_smile:

yuzu_log.txt.txt (299.1 KB)

I have the same problem. I use Vulkan. I have tried various configurations and have not found a way to fix the problem. In addition there are other graphical errors than what I have tried. And with OpenGL, the game directly crashes me when I open it xd
The funny thing is that I have seen videos in which there are apparently no graphical errors.

Hmm, it could be how it renders on AMD, can you test it under Linux?

no can’t test it with linux
all the drives i have are close to full , and if something gous wrong with my Windows OS , beside that i would be mad as … , my Boss would very lickely kill me :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl:

Give me some time to install Manjaro and test it in my Vega 11, can you upload me your save?

sure ,i just send you the link to my save files
and thanks in advance

No luck, looks much worse:

Seems like this game doesn’t like AMD hardware for now.

Oh wait, mesa’s Vulkan renders perfectly.

So that’s an option, Linux with Vulkan.

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oke , so its the same problem with Linux

i did notice that changing clothes took a part of the strange texture away ( only the weapon looks off and sometimes enemys) like on youre SS

so overall i hope it will be solved sooner than later

if you also installed the DLC’s , try equiping the trodain set ( Headgear and armor)

seems to fix the distortian on the main characters ( To bad not on the enemies , but in a way it is kind of a temperarely patch to make it a bit more fun to play)