Dream Team Bros. Crash... Again

Hey, it’s me again. While casually playing the game, when it comes time for the Dream Stone spirit to go downwards, the game crashes. The pipe in the beginning in the area also crashes. Did some searching on the issue and found this topic:

When looking through the topic, the only thing that might have resembled a solution to the issue was adding a high performance option to Citra in the NVIDIA graphics control. But I have Intel, which doesn’t have that option (or so I looked). According to the topic, nobody ever made a GitHub issue about it, which is the explanation to why this issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

A screenshot of the issue can be found there.
My Citra version is HEAD-c143a5a
The game is Mario and Luigi - Dream Team
My computer’s stats can be found on my Dolphin profile:

The log is right here:

Every time Citra has crashed and I’ve reported it, the mods have told me the log is incomplete. I think this is as a result of Windows telling me that it’s crashed and will shut it down for me. So yes, the log is incomplete (sorta), but there’s nothing I can do about it.

Thanks for helping me with the issue.

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