DS Game support


I was wondering if there was any way for me to play DS games on Citra, I know the emulator DeSmuME is made for DS games but you can’t upscale games there and may I remind you that the DS native Qualityis $#!T, it is like beetween 144p and 240p.
If anyone has a solution to my problem please reply to this post.

Ds Games On Citra

citra doesn’t emulate nds games, there are other nds emulators besides DeSmuME.


Most of the DS emulators are lacking features and or very unstable


What are you talking about? Desmume has tons of features and is stable since years ago, also the latest versions do support upscaling. Right now Desmume it’s the best DS emulator.


You’re are wrong you can actually upscale games in DeSmuME


Yes it can but only if you use an unstable version on it made on 2016


I think you are confusing upscaling with magnification filter


I found a version of DeSmuME that can upscale x4
The site is in french but the emulator is in english


Don’t use sketchy old builds, go to desmume website and download the oficial build. The stable 0.9.11 version doesn’t support upscaling, but if you scroll a bit down in the download page you can find the nightly builds that do support it, it’s as GPU scaling factor under 3D settings, there’s also Texture scaling and a few more options there.


Ok you are right I can just get one of thew nightly builds of DeSmuME but the nintendo 3ds natively supports DS games so would it not make sence that citra also had that feature?


Not quite. doing so requires implementing the part of the console that gives backward compatibility capabilities, which is either a piece of hardware and/or an emulator, if it was a software it would be simpler, but the 3DS has “nds hardware” inside of it, which requires it’s own emulator.


Technical note: The 3DS’ backwards compatibility is running the NDS game on bare metal. All of the original hardware from the DS is available without further modification, so it’s not emulation.


well , i only know two DS emulators , DeSmuME and NO$GBA , try this one to see if it have this option