Dual Monitor When?

Not to look a gift-horse in the mouth here, but is dual monitor support being worked on at all? Pretty surprised more people aren’t asking for it. Most seem fine to edit the qt-config.ini and use the emulator in a window that doesn’t even fill the screens. All we’d need is the option to separate the windows. Not sure how one would get the devs to think about this. Amazing emulator otherwise, just need that dual monitor support!!

its not a simple enough task that anyone can work on it and its also not interesting enough for any experienced dev to want to work on it. worst of all it’ll take a hefty amount of design work to make a good ui for it, which not many devs like doing.

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Gotcha. Maybe once the emulator is in the same shape as DeSmuME and running everything at speed. I think it’s very worth doing, though. The difference between using two seperate full screen windows on two monitors vs. cramming them both on the same screen is huge. I actually have a smaller monitor underneath my 55" so games like Bowser’s Inside Story would look amazing. Maybe in a few years I guess.