Dumping video help?

Hi so i dont know if this is a big issue but when im playing Tomodachi Life i like to record it so i dump the videos, the process is really slow which im okay with because when im done dumping the video the speed goes back to normal and rarely crashes (i changed a config. setting and it crashed, not doing that again) and when i view the video it plays at normal speed, which is really awesome, i was just wondering if there was any way to make the process go faster.
I know i could just use another way to record but i really like this way, also i dont mind if theres no way to fix it, thats probably going to be the case, im just asking to see if there is a solution
Also i think it could be because i keep some other tabs open, about 6 at the moment and that might be whats slowing it down or not, im not sure

Here are some screencaps

Thanks in advance!

What’s your PC specs?
What are your graphics parameters in Citra? (Emulation -> Configure -> Graphics)
Wich codecs are you using for audio/video dumping?