Empty Command Prompt on all versions

I just finished downloading Citra and I ran into a problem.
I know that you need to run citra-qt.exe to configure the emulator but when I open it, the command prompt is just a black box.
I’ve used Citra before, so I know that there’s a GUI when you use citra-qt.exe, right?

The emulator itself runs just fine, I can execute a ROM using citra.exe, but I can’t configure anything.

Operating System: Windows 7 64x
CPU: AMD 8350
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 380
Citra Version: All of them

Here’s a screenshot, as you can see, just a black box…

Just hit enter, wait for a few seconds.

Nope… That did nothing…

You can try citra.exe by dragging and dropping your ROM onto it or by using the command citra [location-of-ROM].

Are you using the official builds from Citra website because i’ve seen this happening in some unofficial builds.

Sorry for the late reply! So, the people at the Discord server lent me a hand and we got it working.
Turns out I need to use the mscv version of Citra, for some unknown reason…
The game I was trying to run is not fully supported yet, so i can only get to 20-ish fps… Which is kinda sad…
But anyway, thanks for the help!
I hope Citra can run Ultra Sun at full speed soon!

Huh, my MinGW runs quite OK. So what’s wrong with yours?