Emu in Citra Emu

What the heck does Emu in Citra Emu mean? It makes me think of cemu but that’s made by a completely different person. Does anyone know what it means? I’m just curious.

Citra Emulator, a soft that emulates Nintendo 3ds.
Yuzu Emulator, a soft that emulates Nintendo Switch.
You don’t have enough money to buy a console to play those games on the PC normally, only this back door Emulators helps you to play this games.

Ohhhh. I never thought about that. And you still need a Switch in order to play Yuzu.

Only to get the games and firmware from it.

Ya. So you still have to buy a Switch unless you wanna get those files illegally which can be risky.

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Yup only legal stuff is in hear. :smiling_imp:

Oh and Cemu is WIIU and Dolphin is WII and so on.

Yep. I will probably get Cemu once I get the file dumper on my homebrew Wii U to work. Dolphin I use for a specific game that no longer works on my Wii U’s Wii Emulator.

Dumping your WII U data is for multiplayer online, for solo you don’t need to dump them on PC.

Oh ok. Well I don’t really use multiplayer online much anyways.