Erro fatal no log pokemon sun

[ 11.352856] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:155: Fatal error
[ 11.352879] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:158: Fatal error type: Generic
[ 11.352885] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:135: PID: 0x0000000A
[ 11.353456] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:137: REV: 0x00000000_0x0000F21D
[ 11.353513] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:139: TID: 0x00000000_0x00000000
[ 11.353648] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:141: AID: 0x00000000_0x00000000
[ 11.353652] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:142: ADR: 0x00167938
[ 11.353655] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:145: RSL: 0xC8804464
[ 11.353659] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:146: Level: 25
[ 11.353662] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:147: Summary: 4
[ 11.353665] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:148: Module: 17
[ 11.353667] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:149: Desc: 100
[ 11.353889] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:169: Datetime: 2018/06/10 12:17:04

System Information

  • windows 10:
  • CPU:
  • GPU:
  • ultima versão:
  • pokemon sun:
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

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go to Emulation > Configure > Debug and on Global Log Filter change *:Critical to *:Info


is still with error but this time appears “Unable to read RomFS” is that the room that I downloaded?

Yes, but now your log will be complete. post it again, use google translate, this forum is english only.

Sim, mais agora seu log vai ser completo, posta o log denovo, usa o google translate, esse fórum é apenas em ingles.

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Unable to read RomFS

means that your rom is corrupted

is that the room that I downloaded?

you need to dump your rom from your 3DS

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Thank you for your help