Error Message Citra "Report is broken (?)" (Japanese)

I’m a Mac user and I wanted to restart my progress on a Pokemon game (Omega Ruby) and start over.
I saw a “quick fix” where someone wrote: "Right click on the game in the games list, select ‘Open save data location’, and delete it. I assumed it was my saved game so I deleted it (Noob alert). Now, I get an error message in Japanese and I can’t continue.

In Japanese:

レポ一卜ガ〝 こわれてL丶ます

〝 ー とりあつヵ丶L丶 せつめL丶しよ を
~ `今〝ー ご・らん くださL丶

A quick Google Translate revealed that it said:

Reporter "is broken L

For more information
"Let’s try it out
~ `Now '~ Let’s see you L

Any ideas what it means and how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance,

  • Dazdo

This is basically saying that you have corrupted save data. Pokemon also likes to create some ExtData for caching, so try deleting that too.

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It’s saying the save data is corrupted. Change the region in the settings to match the game’s. When deleting saves, don’t just delete the save file. In this case, the main file. You’ll have to delete the folder that is named after the game’s lower title ID. Once you select “Open Save Data Location”, navigate backwards until you are in 00040000 folder. The folder you’ll want to delete is 0011c400.

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@Leo121 Thanks for the help. Worked like a charm! :slight_smile: