Error message while running bleeding edge

This shows up when i run citra bleeding edge. Before that citra used to tell me to update it, which i blissfully ignored.

What to do?

Thats an awkward error for sure. Just download the latest version (if you want it) and install it again, or if you don’t want to update then just change the shortcut to point at citra-qt.exe instead.

do i have to move my save data?? if yes, how?

Open up the folder with your version of bleeding edge (right click the desktop shortcut -> open file location). If its got a folder called user inside app-0.1.{version_number} then yes you should follow the guide on the citra blog on how to migrate your saves. If its not in there, then it should be in AppData\Roaming\Citra and you do not need to do anything. Just download the latest version and install it.

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