Error with the online

I am trying to play online with my friends by creating a private room to avoid lag problems since using public rooms we have such problems. When I create the room, I share the IP and port to my friends so that they can join them, they get the following error: “Unable to connect to the host. Verify that the connection settings are correct. If you still cannot connect , contact the room host and verify that the host is properly configured with the external port forwared”
and they cannot join, I tried to investigate on how to fix this and I did not achieve anything, I hope you can help me with this.

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core
  • GPU: RTX 2060 Super 8GB
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Citra Nightly 1696
  • Game: Online
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

Diagnostic Log
citra_log.txt (12.4 KB)

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

You need to login to your router to port forward. If you are unable to do that, you can use like Hamachi and host a virtual network then give the virtual IP it provides instead. Your friends need to also get Hamachi and join your virtual network for it to work.