Explanation in complete laymans terms?

So I have always been a console gamer. Today is the first day I have owned a PC capable of running any kind of games on and one of the main things I want to do is play a Pokemon game with random encounters. I naively assumed that I’d just be able to download something like that without needing to know the technojargon.
I have absolutely no idea what to do or how to go about this. not even the slightest clue. I don’t know what a rom is or how to go about installing one. I don’t have any idea what people are saying when they talk about how to get 3DS games to work on PC. Literally everything about using a PC for anything other than browsing the internet is new to me.

In the simplest and most straightforward way can anybody help me out or point me in the direction of an simple download?

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In order to use Citra you need to own the game (must have bought it) and have access to a Nintendo 2DS or 3DS (either your own or a friend’s).

Probably best for us to wait if you can answer regarding those first.

I have a 2DS and the games yes.

Since you own a 2DS and have the games, the best place to start is by downloading Citra from the Official Page. You can then dump your games and load them into Citra to start emulating them :slight_smile:

At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot what does dumping my games even mean? From your links I gather I need something called GodMode9 but what is that and how do I get it?
Sorry if the answer should be obvious but as I said all of this is completely new to me. I’ve never so much as glanced at this kind of stuff until about an hour or two ago.

Dumping games means that you can take the game files and put them onto your device to emulate. You will need to use GodMode9 to dump your games onto your device. Dumping your games has to meet requires certain requirements, those being:

  1. Latest GM9 build
  2. An SD card that can hold the size of the game
  3. And an SD card reader/USB SD

The requirements also state that you need a 3ds to use it, but it might be possible with the 2DS XL, since the system is similar to the 3DS, and might have bootstrap 9

GM9 download [Github]
Dumping explained [Citra]

(Tywald has the guide on how to do it in the post below)


Pre-requisite to be able to use GodMode9, your 2DS needs to be hacked: https://3ds.hacks.guide/

It will be challenging since you mentioned you are not used to computers. The steps should be easy to follow. If you need help regarding this, join the Nintendo Homebrew Discord. There is a link at the top in the guide I sent.

I assume your 2DS isn’t hacked yet.

Good luck!

From reading that some parts seem simple enough but others could be written in hieroglyphics for how little I understood.
Am I right in saying I’ll need to buy an SD reader separately? I download the firmware to the SD card and then I should be able to transfer the game itself directly?

Since you will be transferring files back and forth between a computer and a Nintendo 2DS, you will need to be able to connect the SD card to the computer.

You have the regular 2DS where you can’t close the lid right? It uses a full size SD card so you will most likely need to buy a USB SD-card reader if your computer doesn’t have one built-in.

Yes its the regular one. I dont think my computer does (although I’m not currently home to check) so I’ll buy one and check back here when I’ve got what I need as theres not much point in asking more questions until I have one.
Thanks to both of you for your help!


No problem, glad to help :smiley: