External Port forwarding

what should i type in service port and internal port blanks in “Add or Modify a Virtual Server Entry” on my router settings?


Usually, I enter my gateway ip in my browser, login into my router, and set port fowarding up from there.
Open commamd prompt as administator (Windowskey + R --> cmd.exe --> shift + enter) and type ipconfig
The first (top) entry should have listed addresses. Type your gateway address into your browser and login through there where you can access your router settings.

external port == what port the others players will use to connect to you on.
internal port == the port number the server on your computer is hosted on.

you can use the same number for both. the default is 24872 so i suggest using that for both (which, fun fact, is t9 for citra)

Thank you so much…

I cannot get this to work for the life of me. I followed the instructions, but it still says I have to check and see if my ports are forwarded properly when someone tries to connect to me.