Extremely low FPS in Ultra Sun

Fps for most of the game is around 11-14 fps. What can I do to increase it?

System Information


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Citra is currently in very early stages of development. Games usually run less than full-speed even on the best computers. Expect bugs and glitches to appear in most games. Many features for a more stable emulation are still in the works. For any major updates, please visit our Homepage.

Citra requires powerful single-core performance. Refer to your CPU in this graph. Your experience with Citra won’t be enjoyable in most games if it’s below 1,800. (Hint: you have a Core i5-5250U)

Overall, laptops with low TDP processors are not recommended for Citra.

Any thoughts when citra will get optimized?

Your PC specs are extremely poor for Citra, which requires single-threaded CPU performance. Your FPS is about what I would expect from such a slow CPU.

The latest canary should have a huge speed boost, download and test that.

I have very similar system information, one of the factors that affects it is RAM, when my friend is playing with his 4GB RAM Mac, He gets similar speeds, with 8GB RAM on mine, it has more performance and hence gives me more speed. If you want to maximise your fps on YOUR mac, keep the resolution as low as possible, ensure all applications (in background) are closed, clear any cache in your system and you should be good to go.

The latest Canary release has the fix for the GPU cache growing larger and larger in macOS.
It also has incredible speed boosts, since the texture cache rewrite is merged in there.

RAM isn’t important to Citra. It’s the CPU that makes the difference.

But doesnt RAM improve overall computer performance? And would Disabling Beam Sync on Mac affect emulator performance as well, just out of curiosity?

No, that’s actually a really common thought that more RAM = more speed in everything, and it’s incorrect. It depends on what are you using. If the whole system seems sluggish, then the hard drive needs a upgrade to a SSD. If Citra is slow, then it’s the CPU that has poor single core performance.
Laptops that have low power CPUs aren’t really recommended for Citra anyway.

I can’t tell if disabling that might give a boost, since I’m not on Mac.