Fantasy Life HD Texture Pack (WIP) 03/07/20

The main goal of this HD Texture pack will be to upscale the UI with AI upscaling and then editing manually. This will require a lot of time in photoshop, as upscaling does not do a very good job! Other than the HD Text textures, all textures are 4x native resolution.

HD Text (100%)

  • The text is 8x native resolution. For best results with font, set Citra render resolution to at least 8x native.

  • Please let me know if I missed anything!

HD UI (??%)

  • 147 textures have been completely edited using photoshop. For best results, use with LtTim’s upscaled textures.

  • Most updated textures are icons & UI Text.

  • Some icons are from the Fantasy Life Online mobile game. Only textures that upscale poorly are updated this way.

  • Includes HD Text v2.0

  • Screenshot comparisons of HD UI v0.5 without LtTim’s HD Textures Fantasy Life HD Texture Pack : Screenshot Comparison

4x Upscaled textures

  • For best results, use with the HD UI textures

  • Upscaled using Waifu2x

  • 4x resolution textures provided by LtTim

To install

  • Place contents of zip file in \AppData\Roaming\Citra\load\textures\0004000000113200

Enable Custom Textures in Citra

  • Emualtion-> Configure-> Graphics-> Use Custom Textures

Change log:

HD Text (v2.0)

  • Added missing letters (Port Puerto)

  • Changed font to FOT-SeuratCapie Pro

  • LtTim’s 4x updscaled textures still have v1.0 text. To update text, download v2.0 HD Text and unzip “!text” folder in \AppData\Roaming\Citra\load\textures\0004000000113200

Download Links:

Google Spreadsheet (unable to upload more than 2 links)

HD text only (v2.0)

OUTDATED FONT & 4x resolution texture upscale

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Good work! This game really needs HD texture.
FYI, I’ve been playing Fantasy Life Online (mobile) for years, and some of sprites and images are redrawn from 3DS… you should check it out!

HD UI link is not working,
can you share it on drive as media fire link is dead but the 2 drive links work

I tried redownload it, and it is still working for me.

I can’t access the “” website itself, as such, if the link itself is working or not is not that importeant.
that’s why I asked for a google drive link for the file.

i wet to roaming appdata and citra, butI do not have a load folder

I haven’t run Citra for quite a while, but I think if you just create the “load” folder and put the desired files in there it should work. As long as you have Citra set to load custom textures.

this looks really awsome, i might actully try to go over a few of the textures and refine them abit. just a bit tricky since thier isnt really a easy way to trace back a texutre from the game to the files

Does this include the dlc?

My game had the DLC installed during most of the creation of this texture pack, but I didn’t actually get around to playing the game to test it. I used texture dumps provided by LtTim and a friend who was not to the dlc areas yet so I don’t know if many textures are missed.

I focused on UI elements so there could be some that were missed.

I was looking at the post and I realized that the links are dead :C

I had an issue with my Google Drive where the files are stored. I should have the link fixed within 24 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The links are fixed!

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I’ve got these loaded into Citra, got them working, but for some reason I still cannot see the eye color. Skin and hair color will change when choosing, but the swatches don’t show the color. Eye color stays jet black no matter what color I choose.

Thank so much for this!!
I’m very interested in this. As I’ve covered a lot of things on fantasy life online (mobile) and would love to go back to the 3ds world and spice things up a bit in a new light.

Would love to ask a few questions If you have the time. Do you have a discord ? :smiley:

My discord is Kapila #1491. I don’t have time to work on this project anymore, but the main goal was getting the UI to look better and I think it achieved that well enough. Feel free to reach out with questions.

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