Fast Forward button

I love the citra emulator tbh. It’s the only working 3DS emulator so far.

I do think there is one thing the developers could do that could improve the emulator and I don’t even think it’d be too hard to do.

Could they please add a fast foward button? As far as I know most people (including me) are playing the game at 25-40 fps. Heck I even play at as much as 5 fps at times. A fast forward button would make life so much easier. Just put the game at X5 speed and it’ll be running smooth.

Am I the only one who thinks this way?


It’s not that we intentionally make it slower - your PC / Citra just can’t do it faster yet… (it’s trying to reach 60 FPS but it can’t do computations in time, so you get fewer frames per second)
Making Citra faster takes months / years of hard work by skilled developers.

If you want to modify the gamespeed you can use something like a speedhack as present in CheatEngine etc. However, you’ll still be limited by your PCs speed…
Also: no official support from us.

Never claimed it was intentional. I’m just suggesting something that would help quite a few people

A fast forward button makes no sense. Explain what a fast forward button needs to do and maybe you’ll start understand why it doesn’t make sense. Heres how other emulators do a “fast forward” feature

First thing you need to know is emulators run all the systems (such as CPU/GPU/PPU/any other hardware) and do it as fast as the host computer (your machine) can run. Typically the more accurate the emulation, the more instructions are needed each frame, and the first rule of performance is “do less” Well, for simpler systems, there is less to emulate, and so you can just run the code to generate the frame, draw it on the screen, and the emulator just idly waits for the signal to run the next frame. This is how it runs at a constant FPS.

A fast forward button works by changing how long the emulator idles for while waiting for the next frame. Because the emulator can output frames at a much faster rate than it needs to, it makes the game look like its going faster. Indeed, outputting more frames a second does make the game play faster, but this only works because there is idle time that you can shrink.

Citra works the same way. Except you said the game is running slower than it should. This means that the time to generate a full frame takes longer than it would on a real 3ds, meaning there is no idle time at all. Citra is outputting as fast as it can, but your computer isn’t fast enough to run all the instructions. The only way to speed up Citra is to find parts in citra that are slow and make them fast. This is not easy at all and needs very technical people to work many long, hard hours to make it faster. Additionally, citra isn’t even feature complete yet meaning if you were to optimize citra code right now, you will probably have to throw out some of those optimizations later when you add the missing features.

In summary, no such thing as a fast forward button that would do what you want. Citra needs to get optimized, but thats not worth it right now until many more missing features are added.


A hotkey to change the limit of speed percentage would be nice enough. So when playing pokemon i can run through the grinding faster while not making the normal running around weird. Especially the music sounds weird when played too fast.

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I’ve found that if you press Ctrl+Z while playing a game, it speeds up just like a Turbo Mode in other emulators. It doesn’t make the framerate any better, all it does is speed up the game so things in the game will be faster than they normally are. Although I can’t find any other info about this and I don’t know how to change the speed of it, but I guess it’s here now.


Ah thanks! I think it just toggles the speed limiting option. (so limited or full speed) I’m playing pokemon at 500% so its nice having a quick toggle to 100%

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To explain exactly what a “fast forward” button would do seems redundant. IT WOULD FAST FORWARD THE GAME. What dont you get? Say your driving to work in traffic, BUT, you have a fast forward button. So now you can fast forward through the parts you dont want to do and switch back to normal when you choose. You have this novel of a reply doing nothing. So simple, jeez


The funny part is the original post just wanted citra to be faster, and wasn’t about a fast forward button at all. Back then, Citra just straight up wasn’t fast enough, so a fast forward button couldn’t work. Now that citra is faster, a fast forward button makes more sense, since citra can render frames faster than the original console does. My post wasn’t about how a fast forward button should work, but about why a fast forward button couldn’t exist 2 YEARS AGO when citra was still too slow to even go full speed for most people.

Nice work necroposting, and then failing to even read what the post was about, and then calling me out for something you don’t even understand, and THEN giving a ridiculous example about a magic fast forward button that makes no sense.

Oh, and ctrl Z is the hotkey for toggling fast forward in citra, since you probably didn’t know this either which is why you went all nerd rage on me. And I’m the person that wrote the code for the fast forward button for citra too; you’re welcome.


kudos. that’s all i have to say.

I limit the speed to 200% and never gets over 110%
Can you help me

Finally someone who understands what is asked , does not whine , and can give an objective answer! Thank you man!.

well the main post asked for a fast forward button only tho.
and yea it does make sense for games where you need to farm as pokemon.
and… i think you were over reacting on this simple question.