Fast foward button for citra

can u add fast foward button please i cant play kemco rpg fast foward automactic its too fast i need a button like a ppsspp.
add it in hotkey please its better than for issue on github.
just a request

I’m not sure what you’re asking, but if you mean the game is going too fast, you can limit the framerate with VSync IIRC. As for the hotkey to toggle this, I believe more configurable hotkeys will be addressed when a better controller input system is implemented.

no ti think he’s saying like how they have like double speed on gba4ios and other emus so it goes faster and u don’t have to wait a million hours on cutscenes and what not

If the game can’t run full speed as it is, there’s no magical button to make it go faster than it can render.

they added in sickbuild new version unniofial citra press ctrl z toogle framelimt i am happy now i wish i can use controller button will be better not keyboard i am using gsnyc its better no screeen tearing on 120hz they upload in gbatemp unofical build

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Please note that we only provide support for Nightly builds downloaded from the official site, preferably recent ones.

@asbel123 Please note that unofficial builds of Citra are not allowed for discussion.

Lov u man saved my life