Fatal Error on Mac

Issue: I’ve read all the fatal error responses, but the fixes only seem to be for PC. I searched my mac for the files to delete (nand) but I can’t find it.
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I dont know how to add the log files because when I click emulation there is no configure

these options are under ‘Citra’ on the menubar on mac.

There is no configure or anything like that, I’ve already checked all the things on the menubar

My main problem is finding how to do this from the FAQ:

In this case, try deleting the file at user/nand/data/00000000000000000000000000000000/sysdata/00010017/00000000/config and running the latest version of Citra. If this does not work, then note the config block number ( 0xA0001 in the example) and file a bug report.

Where do I find this on mac? I’ve looked through all of Citra’s files here and there are no sysdata or config folders

are you sure that thats your issue? because you can only tell if you look at your log, either way i looked now at your screenshot, and as you can see on the bottom left corner you are missing the system archives, dump you system archives following this guide: