[Feature Request] A/V dump

Is it possible to had an AVI and Audio dump feature in Citra, like in Dolphin/PPSSPP for exemple?

No, this isn’t a builtin feature currently. I would be looking to external tools (OBS, etc) if you want to be doing that kind of thing.

I know it.
That’s why I made a “Feature Request”.
The problem with OBS (or Fraps or whatever you want) is that when you have slowdowns this is also the case in the recording.
While with this type of dump it is not the case, you see the difference?

Dumping with a internal implementation is not free - while it might be slightly faster (direct access to buffers + etc), it still isn’t great.

In my opinion, Citra already has enough dependencies, and introducing a video/audio encoding solution is only going to make the project harder to develop for.

I’m sure someone will implement such a feature in the far future, but I don’t see it happening any time soon.

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