[Feature Request] Local "Pokebank"

Probably this was already suggested or something similar, but is it possible to create something like this?
It would basicaly be like a server in our pc and citra would connect to it like a lobby.

I know there is pkhex but i think it would be a big feature for citra and it could even open the doors to other things.
Even making it work with the yuzu emulator.

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I’m glad that you took the time to give that kind of reply, so thank you.

And to save you the time and the trouble of opening posts to give that kind of reply, shut down your internet, that way you are more helpful and let other people that could be more useful.

Have a nice day.


be nice to everyone please

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i agree with you completely

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This is the third time I’m telling you to be civil. He wouldn’t have asked if he could’ve built it himself, would he?
(Some content edited out as I think I might’ve went too far.)

I think you can use PKSM for this. PKHeX works too, but you don’t want it, do you? But this is definitely out of Citra’s scope. A third-party would be needed.

I don’t think it will be possible due to differences in save formats. The Switch & the 3DS are two completely different consoles.

Overall, I don’t think it will be possible, as Pokemon are embedded into the save files, and this is definitely out of Citra scope. Citra is a 3DS Emulator, not a Pokemon Emulator. Hope you understand that.


Have used the PKSM, though it’s not that i don’t want it, more because the bank feature it has, maybe it’s me that it’s doing it wrong but sometime it won’t save the pokemon and even clone them after you change them back, PKHeX is better but it isn’t immersive as a bank, if you know what i mean.

That’s what i thought too before making this thread but it’s always worth a shot asking it and since there is already some homebrew “pokebank” like out there, was hoping that could be a nice addition to citra.

But i understand your point about being 3ds emulator, still i hope someday, we get a feature like that.

Well, that was one of the answers that i was looking for, not the one that i liked but yeah, thank you for the reply.