[feature request] make dark mode , dark

I have attached a screenshot of pokemon AS in “dark mode”
would it be possible to make the background black?
dark mode right now only makes the menu bars dark, so the bulk of the screen in default view is white.
a screenshot of pokemon AS.

in short please make the background (non-game area of the screen) black in dark mode.

I feel it should be ease with just needing to change some things,

thank you.

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You can edit the INI file & set all the bg to 0. The background will go black. But i can try this, maybe.

where do i find the INI file?
the folder with the .exe or the place the save data is?
and is the file .INI or is it named INI?
thank you.

C:/Users/your username/AppData/Roaming/citra/config/qt-config.ini


I did it thank you.
u can close this now.