Feature request: More options to gain performance

The emulator is great but there is still a lot of things to improve, add more options to make the games run better on slightly weaker PCs, just as the PSP emulator made PPSSPP take a look at the options that this emulator has and tries to do the same , Games like Pokémon Sun would run fine if you had more options, such as decreasing the quality of shadows, alternative speed (speeding the game) because the frame limit does not help much, choose whether or not to render with buffer, choose the so much Of leap frames this would help a lot at the time of emulation, forcing 60 FPS or less etc.
I hope you guys see this message, I really liked your emulator just that it’s far from perfect, not even the PPSSPP with all these options is perfect, well that’s what I wanted to say I hope I’ve helped, thank you

what did you expect from a WIP emulator?

either way as mentioned many times performance improvements are not priority at this time. when the emulator is more optimized then you honestly won’t be needing an option to tune down the games since the 3ds titles are not very demanding and the 3ds itself is not a very powerful console (provided that you have a decent modern 64bit cpu , don’t really expect citra to be running full speed on a Pentium 3)