Feature Request: Screen Layout Hotkeys

I’ve been using Citra a lot since getting my Steam Deck but I’ve been running into issues with the screen layout. Specifically for games like Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies.

The game primarily uses the top screen so I prefer using single screen mode. However, the game occasionally uses the bottom screen to select items while displaying descriptions on the top screen, requiring both being used at once.

I’ve made a controller config that uses the E key to automatically cycle through the layouts to swap between Default and One Screen. But it’s not exactly ideal waiting for the cycle to finish everytime just to avoid accidentally using a layout like Side by Side.

Hotkeys for specific layouts would be extremely useful for Steam Deck so I can rest my thumb on the trackpad to swap to the Default layout, then take my thumb off to go back to Single Screen Mode.

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Looking for something like that in Android! Playing Zelda ocarina of Time is kinda of a nightmare

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