Feature Request: Wii Controller support

I would like to request that people/the Citra team and look into giving Citra’s input-handling code the capacity to recognize/utilize Wii Remote input, taking a page out of Dolphin’s book. The GC/Wii emulator allows users to link a Wiimote to a PC with no external drivers needed for use!

Obviously, while the Wiimote itself can’t fill in for all the 3DS’s buttons, (in addition to the gyro,) the games that really need that many buttons, a), can use the Nunchuk or Classic Controller, especially because b), they aren’t likely to use both gyro controls and the full compliment of buttons together in the first place!

Now, while admittedly Dolphin is a Wii emulator, and therefore it was probably simpler for them, I do know there’s also an Android GBA emulator that recognizes Wii-mote input without need of other programs or drivers - and the internet has figured out how to make Wiimotes control all sorts of non-Wii-related things. So why don’t we/the team build on their hard work for a future release?

Just a thought. Thanks, and keep fighting the good fight!

P.S. I do know that there are external drivers or utilities that translate Wii-mote actions into gamepad inputs, but they always ends up depending on whether the computer you’re on can work with them, and so I have yet to get a Wii-mote working with a PC in that manner.

Dolphin cannot really be used as an example. I know that they have been tirelessly hammering away at Wiimote support for ages now, and it is not just a simple “bypass the drivers” kind of thing, like you might suggest.

In terms of the Android emulator: The Linux kernel (which Android is based on) afaik comes with support for Wiimotes builtin.

Your best bet at this point would be to find something which translates the Wiimote controls to Xinput, which would mean that you still get analogue movement etc.