Final Fantasy Explorers Multiplayer

I’m just curious if any progress has been made to FF EX multiplayer info is hard to find for this title.

Doesn’t work yet. freezes when connecting to a host or when leaving yours.

Hello. Curious if ff explorers are up on lan coop or even in online?

I know this is a year later but, is there any updated info on this?

there was progress but not enough to make it playable, you can create and find rooms but it doesn’t connect and it freezes when leaving the lobby, just one error message:

Service <Error> core/hle/service/service.cpp:ReportUnimplementedFunction:161: unknown / unimplemented function 'GetApplicationData': port='nwm::UDS' cmd_buf={[0]=0x110040, [1]=0xc9}

Are there any known workarounds for netplay? I hate being That Guy towards developers but after an entire year it feels like this is never going to be fixed.

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It would be so nice if a talented developer could free us from the wait of this multiplayer option x)
(i play it on 3ds ans its a bit deserted… so i hope it could be working on citra)

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Dear santa…

Multiplayer for christmas ?


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Would love to see Multiplayer work on this!

Are there any progress updates on this? My friends and I were really wanting to play this yesterday only to find out that the multiplayer doesn’t work.