Finding a build for 2.30GHz

plz, anyone can suggest me build which runs smoothly on 2.30ghz

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If you want a stable build, get Nightly. If you want a build with experimental features, but unstable (and with a bit of a boost in frames), get Bleeding Edge.

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You should only download from the official website.

As a general note, you seem to mislead regarding CPU stats. GHz doesn’t mean everything, there’s also other important factors like the L2/L3 cache, or the number of cores (The latter of which doesn’t apply to Citra since it doesn’t use multithreading yet, but still is an important metric in measuring CPUs.).

Okey I get it! does graphic card matters to it

thank you very much for the information

Not really, the CPU is much more used in Citra. The GPU must be OpenGL 3.3 compliant, though.