Fire Emblem Awakening Cheats

First time posting here, and new to citra. So sorry if I am doing something wrong/dumb.
But I am having problems using some cheats I have found and would like to know if someone could help me please.
I am using these cheats:

I was actually able to put them in the cheats panel-thingie. However, when I actually activate them in the panel, they don´t actually work in the game. Please help.

these cheats are for the USA version of game, is that your game version as well?

Yes, I am. I made sure to check several times I was using the correct versions.

Try adding one by one, for instance go in-game, when you are able to see how much gold you have, open the cheats tab and delete all cheats, then click on ‘Add Cheat’, put the name [Max Gold] without spaces and on the second text file named Code paste your cheat code. i.e:

D3000000 14000000
009997D0 000F423F

like so. then enable your cheat. it should work but remember that not every single cheat works currently.

Hello excuse me in advance for my english.
On dbf, fire emblem awaqening, bravely default …, I do all the cheat posible but none is activated, is there another way to implement them?

are you sure you have the cheats for you game region and update version?

yes, codes are accepted but do not activate, I even download USA version to test the cheat