Fire emblem awakening dlc


I started to play Fire emblem Awakening and I love it! I wanted to play with the dlc but here starts the problem.

So I tryied to understand as much as possible but how do we play with the dlc on citra WITHOUT a 3ds? I don’t have 3DS and all guides were with “requirement: 3DS”.

I read somewhere that I could just download a file already “dumped” but I don’t find it. Can you please post the link of the dlc which can work with Citra? I already installed the dlc, it just doesn’t load the map like the other people say.

Many thanks

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You need a 3DS in order to play commercial game with updates, dlc’s, etc.

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I can’t really aford it actually :confused:
I’m surprised by the fact that even if it’s an old console, it stays quite expensive. It’s the same price as the first xbox one/ ps4 in my town.

The old 2DS would also work, does that also cost as much as a PS4? I find that hard to believe.

I didn’t know that a 2ds could also work.

So I searched for a cheap 2DS and I found the least expensive at 49 € (that’s already better than 120 € ).
The game costs 40 €.
If I want to buy all dlcs, it’s 53 dollars which makes 46 €.
135 € in total (for one game+dlc, the other games don’t really interest me.)

It’s hard to believe that some people consider this amount of money like a bag of candies.

More seriously, I’m sorry if I offensed the community to not support the developper (Plus only DLC are going to provide money to the dev because if I buy a 2DS and a game, it’ll be used objects) but when you don’t have money, you try other things. I want to say that it’s better than nothing. When you’re just a student, the life costs already too much…

I went off topic.

So, does it mean that nobody can help me? Even in private message? Even to say that it’s possible? Well, I try at least. I hope someone sees this thread and decides to help me haha.