Fire Emblem Awakening: fog effect

Now I know citra is in development, and that the compatibility entry for FEA says "Graphically, the game looks great when not in areas afflicted by missing geometry shaders; however, when in those areas, major graphical issues occur."
so by my understanding that might be referring to the fact that in any skirmish in which the overhead has a fog, or smoke, or mist, or snow, or fire effect, they are opaque polygons that quickly cover the entire top screen and allow no visibility whatsoever, leaving me to rely on the very small low info tactical map on the bottom screen.
But if that’s NOT quite the level of graphical error it’s referring to, or if there’s any way for me to remedy this in the slightest, I’d like to know, and I’d appreciate the help.

note: just to not waste anyones time, i do not understand how bleeding edge works and i will not attempt to use it because i am very tired

Are you using the most recent nightly or canary? I believe this was fixed.

oh my gosh, you’re right. i got the latest version and now it’s perfect. thank you!

Does that mean geometry shaders have been implemented ? :star_struck:

You’re late by almost two months

I’m abt to faint with joy ! I can finally play Pokemon OR AS with battle animations ! Im dumping it right away ! :star_struck:

WHY ISNT THERE A PROGRESS REPORT ON THIS !!! Pokemon players has been waiting for months !

just add citra to your watch list on github and you will get a clue about most updates through the PR getting opened

citra’s progress report writer is Puerto Rican, so she doesn’t have internet right now :frowning: we were going to have an article on it though.

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