Fire Emblem Awakening Spotpass Characters?

Ok so the game wants internet stuff activated so I can get the Sacred stones characters. Problem is I dunno how to do it. Im also not sure if using a custom build is a problem but I use a build called “Citra Night Wolf 360 Build” Its made for preformance on lower spec pcs and has little to no difference than other citras. Screen shot of what im talking about

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We don’t support unofficial builds here, though SpotPass isn’t implemented in Citra anyway.

Looks like the SSE2 build from GBATemp. Sorry to disappoint, Internet connectivity is not emulated in any build afaik.

Thanks for letting me know that there isn’t spotpass. I didn’t know if it was for unofficial builds or not. Either way thank you for responding.

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There is a way to get the spotpass characters into your avatar logbook because it is saved in the global save file so if you can find a save file with the characters saved to it you can access them by replacing the global save file as your save progress is just the chapter* file