Fire Emblem Awakening visual glitches

I have a few issues when playing this game. Using OpenGL as a backend, the graphics all looks normal until I hover over a character during a fight. This causes the color overlays to become all jittery. The only solution I have found is either to turn off hardware shader (which slows the game down to 70%-ish on native resolution during strategic view) or to switch to Vulkan backend. This issue has been reported before and never fixed afaik, but here is the link Fire Emblem Awakening Graphic Glitch. Another solution was to turn on enemy attack view but I do not think I will have it on 100% of the time, especially not when facing the rivens spawning on the map, so I would be heavily bothered by this graphical glitch. My first picture shows an example of this glitch.

Another issue I encountered was when I used the Vulkan backend instead. The Vulkan backend does give me a better performance on average (though minor visual glitches like a weird mirage effect during the character model scenes and small flashes of blue occur). The first graphical bug got fixed but a few new issues popped up. First of all, despite having a higher average performance than OpenGL, it pauses the game a few times every minute or so, especially between scenes and loading screens. This makes the game slow down to 0% for a few seconds, sometimes shortly jumping up to 10% and then back down to 0% again. This might be shader cache building, but it occurs without shader caching on as well, but to a lesser degree. Another issue occurs when the dialogue boxes appear. As you can see in picture 2, some kind of thick bar appears in the middle each time. No change I have tried made it disappear. Furthermore, when using a higher than native resolution, the objects have their borders shown physically as you can see in picture 3. I can run native×2 at ~100% spd normally but now I am forced to use native×1 to not have those awful borders. The thick bar is still annoying though.

One last issue I have encountered is that sometimes using the menu’s “Stop” or “Restart” button crashes the program (when playing this game). This also sometimes happens when booting up this game, usually at most two times in succession. Cause for this is unknown for me. I cannot recreate the problem whenever I want so I do not provide a log for this. IIRC, this only occurs when using Vulkan.

I know my PC’s specs aren’t great, but I can still run quite a few of the main titles at native×2 and 100% spd (except for cpu/gpu heavy sections, during which I sometimes decrease to native×1 temporarily). I also would not like to have to run a very old version of citra nightly/canary as it could negatively impact the performance and thus my experience.

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Refer to this list: Issues · citra-emu/citra · GitHub
Fire Emblem games have a lot of issues currently. Essentially, you’ll need to wait for emulator improvements.

Alright, thanks for letting me know. I’ll then just cope with the OpenGL bug for now until these bugs get fixed.