Fire Emblem Fates Complete HD Texture Pack

Phew. After 5 months of insane amount of work every day, I finally finished my first texture pack ever, and I must say that I’m very pleased with the results. This is not just a simple upscale. Here is what I did:

  • I redrew portraits and facial expressions of all main characters, their children, main antagonists, amiibo and dlc characters;
  • made an HD font
  • cleaned up UI and icons
  • added PlayStation button prompts
  • upscaled every other texture x4

Here are a couple of things you need to download and install first for optimal experience:

Fates Icon Project mod by Moonling

Unit Select Voice Mod by Moonling
Fates Ghosting Shader Fix by Moonling

Nyx Veil Fix by Moonling
Weapon Model Fix by Moonling

Download link: Fire Emblem Fates Texture Pack 1.0

Password for the archive is: tesla2105

A few important notes:

  • this texture pack is only for the European version of the game
  • if you choose to preload textures, you need at least 32 GB of RAM
  • Dialogue boxes that I used in my texture pack are made by Leafpenguins
  • Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan-GUI and Gigapixel AI

The work you’ve done here is amazing but I’m having a problem that I’m hoping you might be able to help with. I’ve put all the textures in the Citra textures folder for the game and they certainly show up in game but when I start a game and enter Avatar creation and start moving between options all the textures start going crazy and moving to the wrong places and the UI gets really messed up. Do you happen to know why?

I had that happen to me once before when I updated to a newer Citra version. So you should try earlier Citra builds only from the nightly branch and see if the problem goes away. Also, make sure that you’re running the European version of the game.

Make sure to disable any texture filters in Citra’s Graphics settings. Those often interfere with custom textures.

I was trying some different things while waiting for any replies and it seems disabling the texture filter has done the trick. I also ended up trying to use the newest Canary build and everything seems to be working fine as of now. If I have any further problems I’ll return to an earlier Nightly build. Thank you both very much for your responses!


I JUST LIKE TO APPLY korean version of the game can you add it? plz

So will this pack really not work on the USA version at all?

EDIT: The textures do work on the USA version, the font however does not load in, I am trying to figure out a workaround.

finally i can see them in hd :’)

I wish to remove the playstation button prompts, I searched around the UI folder and I was able to locate the “X” button, the texture was named “tex1_32x32_23BEB09BA45C9299_4.png”… and I found another texture named “tex1_512x256_E6F746B2E422F774_13.png”… It looks like it worked, can’t really say for sure because I just started the game. Can you upscale the “vanilla” buttons and upload as a option? Or maybe the Xbox buttons, idk

Heya! This is a great overhaul of Fates as a whole, I love it to bits. However, I’m having a bit of an issue…

It seems that anytime I play the game for a long period of time, I get an error that abruptly crashes the game. The error seems to be something in regards to openGL, which leads me to believe the presence of the textures causes a critical error some point down the line.

The error seems to occur on any Citra Nightly version after 1718. On 1718 itself, the game functions fine, but my computer can barely run it. The newer versions run it on a quality level, but again–the whole crashing mess.

So, is there something I need to do with ReShade to resolve this? Am I just missing something?

Hey @tesla2105, would you mind if I redistributed significant portions of your texture pack as a combo with several other packs of upscaled textures? I’ve tried to pick the best parts from each of them, and I’ve also made several edits myself. I make YouTube videos featuring Fire Emblem Fates, and a good number of people in my audience have asked for access to my combined texture set.

Nah, I don’t mind. Feel free to do so.

This works fine for me just a small issue. In the full interface atk and crit are replaced by hit and avo.

How can I press the home button? I press b but it doesn’t do anything.

@Doilpspoilps I’m having the same problem. Were you able to figure it out?

How do I install this? When I try to extract the .rar file it asks for a password

They do mention this.

Awesome work!!! Those portraits looks stunning! If you need it - some portraits are missing. The kid’s smiling expression. It is in “Support”
dialogue of Azura and Takumi (from C to B rating)

The name of the texture is tex1_256x256_FDA722C900DA0488_13.png
P.S. Maybe textures tex1_256x256_168DA791FB6F3006_13.png and tex1_256x256_879DCCF4321BF081_13.png are also missed

For my own use, I also spliced your high-resolution Camilla portraits with Moonling’s redesign (Camilla Redesign [Fire Emblem Fates] [Mods]). Would it be okay for me to offer the spliced versions to Moonling for distribution alongside that mod for people who want it in HD?

Amazing work!
I am Chinese, and I want to upscale Chinese font based on your pack. However, I am noob at PS, and I don’t know how to do it exactly.

For example, below is one of the dumped font png:

And this is your HD png:

How did you make it such clean and clear? I stucked at it for a week, only output blurred trash.