Fire Emblem Fates: freeze upon opening a save

After opening one save the FPS and speed both drop to zero however the code still continues to run but all that it shows is a black screen. This doesn’t happen to every save in the game just one. I am using the nightly build and up until now it has worked fine but this is the second save this has happened to, one on birthright separate game and now on the special edition. The code continues to count up until citra is closed.

CPU: AMD A-10 7890K
GPU: GTX 1060
Operating System: Windows 10

Please provide the full log and the save file so that it can be replicated.

it wont let me since i’m a new user

Follow this guide to get the full log. To get your save, right click on your game in the list and select “Open Save Data Location” and upload the file to file sharing service.