Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition crashing on cutscene

In Chapter 2, the game crashes and Citra closes after being given the sword and Corrin says “prisoners?”. I guess it transitions to another event that won’t load. It looks like I can skip the cutscene fine. I would rather watch it since it is my first time playing. I haven’t updated Citra in a while since I’m tired of my Save States not working after every update. I doubt updating now would make a difference.

Dusting off my 3DS to get past crashing sections is not something I want to do, but will probably end up doing. I wanted to play with the HD textures.

I don’t know if it matters which version I use since I don’t know the difference between Birthright, Conquest, and Special Edition. Looks like Citra supports Special Edition the least.

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 11 Pro
  • CPU: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-12700F
  • GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT
  • Citra Version: Nightly 1905 or Canary 2485
  • Game: Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition
  • Screenshot of Issue:

Diagnostic Log
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citra_log.txt (78.5 KB)

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The game seems to crash randomly at any point afterwards so it is not just the cutscene.

With the nature of emulator development, we’ll always tell users to only ask for support on the latest builds of Citra. That way we can at least rule out stuff that has already been fixed.

As for the save states, you shouldn’t be using those for recording your progress in the first place. That’s what in-game save files are for. Save states are meant to be used within single gaming sessions, to retry something, or have another chance at RNG events (or something similar). They’re not meant for usage beyond those things.

Edited: Found a potential issue, I disabled disk shader cache and some of the problems went away for me. Still crashes when Corrin defends but I can attack with him with no issue

I’ve progressed a little further in the game and it will crash on cutscene transitions or at various points in battle randomly. Disabling Disk Shader Cache doesn’t do anything really. It is specific transitions it does crash without fail. The Chapter 2 one and now near the end of Chapter 3 when Lilith fade to white teleport out of the astral plane.

For battle, I disabled most of the in game battle animations, this is more useful for speedy fights than just Citra not crashing though. It will still crash on the overhead view though.

I did end up updating Citra and I’m still having issues. Updating Citra does cause some unwanted problems more often than not, save states are more like the icing, like the other post I made where config got messed up and couldn’t open any game. I do tend to make backup saves more nowadays, but save states are more convenient for other purposes. It is a little weird that Citra is the only emulator I’ve seen where save states will stop working after every update.

Other Emulators it is pretty much muscle memory to use F1 or whatever key every few minutes so I don’t lose that much progress thank to states in case of anything breaking when there are long periods of no saves available.

I guess AMD seems to be the source of a lot of issues. My fault for not spending the $1500 on Nvidia or whatever they charge these days. Probably more since it’s Nvidia. At the time, Nvidia was impossible to get so.

It is annoying, but for now I will have to switch back and forth between 3DS hardware and Citra.

Yeah I did notice with the recent posts they were using AMD gpu’s so I still have a suspicion that might be a large part of the problem

Same, bro. It’s dissapointing, because the game has good performance, but the cutscenes crash the emulator

I was trying different versions and canary 2470 works. I don’t know if there are more crashes in the whole game, but this specific cutscene doesn’t crash in this build and the previous ones.

I have ended up playing almost the entire game now for all 3 pathways, I haven’t gone back to test the first 6 chapters cutscenes, but I haven’t really had a problem since. I’ve also had the entire game with skip combat animations and other stuff on in the options.

There was either something Citra couldn’t handle or I don’t know.

Haven’t played until just now but after replacing my 5700XT with an RTX 3080 and an update to nightly I have no more crashes for now. Did try the 1907 build and sure enough it was my AMD card that was causing crashes at the time

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Game runs at only 35 - 45 % normal speed on 1943, SUPER slow. Any work arounds or versions that work for sure? I see supposedly 1907 works for a specific card but idk if it’ll work for me until I try but I just want to be sure in case there is an easier way to make it function properly.