Fire emblem keep crashing when magician type character use their magic

yuzu_log.txt (895.8 KB)

Can you help me, it bother so much

Try with graphics debugging disabled.

Umm…can you tell me how? I don’t know what is that

Emulation > Configure > General > Debug: disable “Enable Graphics Debugging”.

I already done that, but it’s still crashing. Here is the screenshot

and here is the log yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (688.3 KB)

Thanks, I’ll pass it to the devs.

Apparently, when i change the api from vulkan to opengl, the crash doesn’t happen but it cannot surpass 30 fps. I hope the devs can fix it.

Te issue seems to be a timeout from the driver when building the shaders of the attack. Koei develops so big and inefficient shaders into their games that small GPUs like the RX 550 simply take too long to run them.
OpenGL is more permissive, but the AMD Windows OpenGL drivers are the slowest of all, so you suffer that penalty.

While we work to improve this, you can try running yuzu on Linux, you can expect much better OpenGL and Vulkan drivers there.

Welp, its time to play mario kart while waiting the development. But thanks for asnwering, hope the vulkan get more stable in the future. Keep up the great work :smile:

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