Fire Emblem Shadow of Valencia

I hear to play FE, SOV, I need the 3d fun custom build.

Now i have never built anything. I’m on MAC. Could someone please give me a step by step of what to do to build this 3dfun I’m really confused, and haven’t been able to find online.

Thank you guys for your help !

We don’t support building unofficial builds.

3dfun will no longer be needed, because the devs are working on a fix that makes the games upscale textures correctly.

Also, for now, all 3DS Fire Emblem games are playable on the latest Nightly and Canary releases.

Seems like there is another problem beside this one . in some scenes , the game crashes and gives some errors.
here is a log : LOG.txt
According to the log , its an audio problem … may be ??
((Both Canary and Nightly Build / up to date of this post))