Fire Emblem Three Houses issues after chapter 15

I’ve been playing FE:TH for a while and the game was running fine with very little frame drops, using 60fps mod and even with resolution at x2.
Small frame drops were basically seen only in the monastery. During battles the game would work basically perfect.
Then it happened. During the battle of the infamous chapter 15 were the game is known to crash, the game indeed crashed. Basically Yuzu froze and stopped responding. I had to close and open it again.
After the 3rd crash I realized something happened because the battle mode was super laggy.
I was able to eventually finish chapter 15 but clearly it left some problems.
Now the game is super laggy everywhere, specially during battles going to less than 5 fps, and the loading screen times are way longer than before.
Please help! I’ve tried deleting the shaders, reinstalling yuzu but nothing seems to fix it. Even at normal resolution the game is now unplayable.

yuzu_log.txt (147.6 KB)