[FIXED IT] AC:NL crashes when chatting with npcs on newest yuzu versions (starting from a ~ month ago)

THE FIX: UPDATE DRIVERS, laptop i have had its own modified drivers that it barely ever updated. a lot of laptops are like this. if you have this issue please make sure you’re on actual latest graphics drivers.

its specifically when chatting with npcs, im on intel with intel iris xe graphics. after the crash happens the game cant be loaded again because when it tries to load the vulkan cache first, it crashes at the end of loading it. so only way you can enter the game again is to clear it after each crash.

i haven’t completely narrowed down exactly which yuzu version started having this crash but its version more recent than the 2023/05/18 release (yuzu 1439), and its before the 2023/06/23 release (yuzu 1478.)