Force OpenGL3.3 on Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Windows)

Hello everyone

I’m trying this OpenGL 3.3 mode for this graphics card

I followed the intruction at the top of the topic

when i execute the .bat if i did nothing

is there a solution ?

hi sir
so I don’t need to change OS to Linux just follow your instruction?
im using intel hd graphics 3000 too
with 4g ram

thank you

but what should I do exactly ?

I have this GPU at my “Intel® HD Graphics 3000”

Yeah, you don’t need to, Windows is OK this time.

The one who made the drivers has the updated instructions here:

Read here:

It’s from the dev who made the pre-built drivers, instructions for a working .bat file is there

thanks a lot for your help

Do I have to install Linux to install these drivers?

because i’m using citra for windows and i’m running windows

what i see in this github tutorial is theoretical there is no practice?

Hello,I am trying this method since my weak laptop only supports up to Opengl 3.1,Im having a problem while installing Mesa3d,I already entered the location where I installed Citra,however now the perappdeploy.cmd says: ‘‘Application executable name with or without extension <optional, forces some programs to use Mesa 3D which would otherwise bypass it>’’
I already wrote things like: Mesa3D.exe etc,but it says that the file was not found, What do I do?

Type “citra”.

And don’t replace the dll file. It works fine without changing.

I wrote ‘‘citra’’ but it just says file not found

I LOVE THIS METHOD INTRESTING THANKS BRO :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Hello. I’m not able to download Mesa through the link. Several files appear. Where should I go to download?

I think you’ve already solved it,

Type “citra-qt.exe”.

Thanks to The Red Devil for being able to launch citra on my poor laptop (i3 2370m).

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I’m sorry for being such an idiot, but I typed: Citra-qt.exe.
And once again the perappdeploy said that the file wasn’t found, so I decided to type it with the comas and the cmd just closed, no warnings, nothing, What did I do wrong and what should I do next?

Is it possible that the path to the folder containing citra-qt.exe is wrong?

Of course not, these are made for WIndows. Linux already had MESA drivers (since they are open source) if I remembered correctly.

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lol replying after a total of 8 monthes :rofl: :rofl: :rofl::joy: :joy: :joy:

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It’s been awhile, and I’m considering buying a new laptop :joy: Having a blast with Citra Android though.

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Just wanted to say this super long thread did help and I can finally play Citra in OpenGL 3.0! :grin:

Where is the perappdeploy thing?