Force OpenGL3.3 on Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Windows)


To save it as a .bat file, choose “Save as” option in Notepad, name the new file as citra-qt.bat, don’t overwrite the .txt file.
If you have any more trouble with it, I’ll make one for you


It seems that you saved it as citra-qt.bat.txt. That’s why it was a .txt.


my bad haha, okaay imma redo that


heya, is this it? i think? thanks for the instruction, do i have to do something before i start the game?


tho i still get the same error , what should i do with the log file now?


Just check the renderer to see if it’s stil Intel or MESA. Also, the cmd should’bt have that much text on it. Can I see it?


here goes, i guess there’s something wrong?


heres one on the cmd on citra


yup i have followed all the tutorial and i am using win 8.1 pro not 10


this is a bit different from u


oh it work after i restart my lap tks man!!


Can’t see it clearly, but you might want to edit your .bat file. There might be an error in the command.
Or just need to restart the device, like kai1411 did:


Glad it worked for you :grinning: It’s weird that you have to restart though, mine didn’t even need to.


@TheRedDevil @kai1411 fyi, windows is not like linux, to set environment variable properly, you need to use set.
That is to say, use


and save it as a bat.


I did include the word “set” in my first post :grin:

Should I create an updated, more detailed tutorial though? It seems MESA version differences caused a lot of confusion lately.