Force OpenGL3.3 on Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Windows)


To save it as a .bat file, choose “Save as” option in Notepad, name the new file as citra-qt.bat, don’t overwrite the .txt file.
If you have any more trouble with it, I’ll make one for you


It seems that you saved it as citra-qt.bat.txt. That’s why it was a .txt.


my bad haha, okaay imma redo that


heya, is this it? i think? thanks for the instruction, do i have to do something before i start the game?


tho i still get the same error , what should i do with the log file now?


Just check the renderer to see if it’s stil Intel or MESA. Also, the cmd should’bt have that much text on it. Can I see it?


here goes, i guess there’s something wrong?


heres one on the cmd on citra


yup i have followed all the tutorial and i am using win 8.1 pro not 10


this is a bit different from u


oh it work after i restart my lap tks man!!


Can’t see it clearly, but you might want to edit your .bat file. There might be an error in the command.
Or just need to restart the device, like kai1411 did:


Glad it worked for you :grinning: It’s weird that you have to restart though, mine didn’t even need to.


@TheRedDevil @kai1411 fyi, windows is not like linux, to set environment variable properly, you need to use set.
That is to say, use


and save it as a bat.


I did include the word “set” in my first post :grin:

Should I create an updated, more detailed tutorial though? It seems MESA version differences caused a lot of confusion lately.


Please,make a new tutorial!


Hola, Disculpa por mi mensaje en español. De verdad muchas gracias por el Tutorial!!! despues de intentar cerca de 1 hora por fin pude lograrlo (con el ultimo sin agregar la dll externa) Muchas gracias de verdad
Mi Thinkpad x220 te lo agradece jajaja

Hi, Sorry for my message in Spanish. Really, thank you very much for the Tutorial !!! after trying about 1 hour I finally managed to do it (with the last one without adding the external dll) Thank you very much indeed
My Thinkpad x220 thanks you hahaha


This forum in English only. You can type in your native language as along as you provide the text of an automatic translation.

Este foro solo en inglés. Puede escribir en su idioma nativo siempre que proporcione el texto de una traducción automática.


That’s good to hear :grin: Glad you didn’t use the “external .dll” (I assumed it was the optimized .dll from, as the new MESA version doesn’t require it.


Heyy… I know it may be annoying for you and Sorry if this is disturbing you in any way.
But. I tried almost EVERYTHING in this thread and almost nothing worked.
Im trying this ONE LAST TIME. Hopefully it works now…I REALLY wanna play 3ds games on my PC
Im going to try to do it while im typing this so i can you can know exactly where i did a mistake. (sorry if my english is too bad. Its not my first language)

Installed Citra now(i installed both Canary and Nightly just to make sure)
Downloaded a decrypted ROM to test it out. (sorry if im posting like minute details. I just want to make sure i don’t miss anything)
I already have the MESA thingie.
I’m going to try to do it WITH the opengl32 from first with the NEW tutorial you gave…
Put the opengl32 file to the X64 folder
Running perappdeploy
given path : F:\SMSRY\Citra\nightly-mingw (that’s the folder citra is installed)

64-bit application-YES
OpenGL drivers(defaults to yes)-YES
here i didn’t get the “updated softpipe and llvmpipe” as you did
swr driver-YES
Here i didn’t get the “Updated swr driver”
OpenGL ES support-YES
off-screen rendering-YES
Here i didn’t get the “Updated Mesa3D off-screen rendering”
version of osmesa off-screen rendering-1
graw library-YES
here i didn’t get the “Updated Mesa3D graw framework”
Mesa development-n (i don’t think that’s of any use)
Now onto Notepad
Made the .bat nd named it citra-qt.bat
Ndd i get this error the same time as usual

for some reason i just saw that Cupid in the above posts has a cmd with coloured text.
I dont seem to have any cmd opened up when i opened the .bat file
And I don’t seem to get the “UPDATED” command lines from perappdeploy as you did…

Am I missing something?
I would truly appreciate if you could help me sort this issue out…
Been waiting for YEARS for Citra to finally become stable and when it finally does, i have this OpenGL wall stopping me from playing 3ds games…
At this point I’m open to try out ANYTHING which will make it to work.

Oh and btw my specs are the same as yours
Intel HD Graphics 3000
I dont know if this concerns or not, But I have PHDGD intel drivers(unofficial modded drivers) installed for my integrated graphics so it would run games a bit better…
Shall i try to install the original Intel drivers and then try it?

sorry for the long post…im new to the forums on the internet…